Passion Fruit Gin

Passion fruit only came into my life last summer - how could I ever live without it before!? It all started very innocently on a super hot summer day in Berlin. Instead of drinking water, I was inspired by a ready-made drink and mixed passion fruit juice with sparkling water (and ice, a lot of ice!). And so it began - my life was never the same again.

What I love the most about it is that although it is sweet, it's never too sweet. The perfect sweet'n'sour combination. And the most amazing flavour, you can smell it the minute you cut the fruit.

As the weekend is just around the corner, today I mixed up two of my favourite drinks - passion fruit/sparkling water and gin. And you know what? How could I ever live my life before? The cocktail is a total life changer (both virgin and with alcohol - depends on your mood or age).

The recipe is super simple - just mix up passion fruit juice with sparkling water, add ice and gin and garnish with passion fruit slice. The quantity of ingredients is up to you - if you want to make it more sparkling, more fruity, or more gin-ish.

Tip - adding some fresh interior of the fruit to your drink makes it more beautiful and the taste is more fruity.

Remember: depending on the colour of your self-made gin, the look of your cocktail may vary.

Wishing you the very best cocktail weekend, ginlovers!


- Laura from Do Your Gin

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